Please enjoy fresh seafood and vegetables in Oita area.

yUME-Course Dinner Planz
This is a plan for people who would like to enjoy a gKaisekih dinner, a traditional Japanese full-course dinner with more than 10 dishes. Enjoy our cheffs carefully made dishes using selected seasonal seafoods and vegetable.

Price : 5,250 yen

Click here for an example of UME-Course menu.<Japanese only page>

yTAKE-Course Dinner Planz
Menu is same as UME-Course Dinner Plan, special selected raw fish is added to Sashimi menu.

Price : 6,825 yen

yMATSU-Course Dinner Planz
Our cheffs special dish is added to TAKE-Course Dinner Plan.

Price : 8,400 yen

yBungo Beef Sukiyaki Dinner Planz
eSukiyaki'(thin slices of Japanese good beef and vegetable put in a pot and cooked at the table) is very popular pot in Japan.

Price : 5,250 yen

Dinner plans for children are prepared. Please let us know when making reservation.

If you would like to order a side dish from the a la carte menu, please give advanced notice by our website demand column when making reservation.
Sashimi Dish with Seki-Aji (brand name of horse mackerel)
*Available in all seasons.@
Sashimi Dish with Fresh Raw Horse Meat @
Chicken Tempura (Fried Chicken)@
Sashimi Dish with Several Kinds of Raw Fish
(Sashimi dish can be arranged according to your requested price. The photo is an example sashimi dish for 5,000 yen.)
Sashimi Dish with Shiroshita flatfish
*Available in spring and autumn season
Sashimi Dish with Seki-Saba (brand name of mackerel)
*Available in the season from autumn to spring
Sashimi Dish with Fugu (Globefish) i~j
*Available in winter season
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