We offer you four different types of elegantly designed guest rooms.
You can select one of the available rooms according to your preferences.
Please make yourself at home in the room.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Beppu bay from the room.
You can also enjoy private Ashi-Yu (foot-spa) located on the porch outside your room during your entire stay.
The Ashi-Yu hot spring water is not circlated and is always clean and enjoyable.

Number of rooms 9

The beautiful scenery of Beppu Bay is just outside your window and you can see the morning sunrise on a fine day.

Number of rooms 10

If you are looking for a room at lower price, this type of the room can meet your demand!
It's not on ocean side but you can enjoy quiet and relaxing time in a traditional Japanese-style room.

Number of rooms 7

A western-style room arranged with Asia-style interiors remodeled in 2006.
The color of wooden interiors and the furniture imported from Southeast Asia provides a warm southern island atmosphere.
You can enjoy the scenery of Beppu city, and on a sunny day, the top of Mt. Tsurumidake can be seen from your room.

Number of rooms 2

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