【Official】Tenku-Yubo Seikaiso

2019 Beppu Bay"Half-open-air bath rooms" open!

"Sea side" room with semi-open-air bath was opened this time.
This is the first room with a semi-open-air bath.
You can enjoy the view of the sea in the bath made of cypress.
New rooms with views of Beppu Bay
Serta or Simmons beds are located
It is a setting where you can relax and relax.
Please enjoy the hot spring of Beppu while being healed by the scent and the view of cypress.

In-house information

  • First floor front desk

    Check-in is available from 3 PM.

    Please proceed first in a comfortable space drifting the scent of hinoki.

    Staff will guide you within the facility so that it is easy to understand.

    We will keep your luggage before PM 3 o'clock Seikaiso please come to Seikaiso after Seikaiso to Beppu with confidence.

    If you can enter the early hours if possible, please ask the staff.
  • 1st floor lounge

    It is a lobby where you can see the Beppu Bay spreading in front of you.

    Please spend the first floor lobby in the moment of check in, check out, relaxing.

    Tourist information and sightseeing maps in Oita Prefecture and Beppu City are also available.

    We also have brochures and discount tickets for each facility.

    We also have a free PC and free Wi-Fi.

    Please feel free to ask the front desk staff if you have any questions.
  • First floor Souvenir Shop

    Oita, Beppu specialty products etc We handle a lot.

    Please use the Souvenir Shop for souvenirs to your family and friends.
       Example, Beppu, Yunohana bath agent (heals tiredness)
               Yunohana egg cake
               Curious cookie
            Oita, the Daifuku Kobe
           Yufuin, Sueta's sweet potato, etc.
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Tenku-Yubo, Seikaiso


3-14-3 Kitahama, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

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Car · Beppu IC - Approximately 15 minutes by airplane · Oita Airport - about 40 minutes by bus (2 minutes walk from Kitahama Bus Stop), JR · Beppu Station - about 10 minutes on foot
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