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Cooking of accommodation plan

  • 《Bungo-beef&Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area! 》Kaiseki Meal"sora"

    The multi-course meals starting with the appetizers offer a wide variety of fresh produce seasonally.
    It has been reborn as a kaiseki meal where you can enjoy Oita gourmet food such as Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area, Bungo-beef, and Toriten!

    You can choose from Jako rice or porridge with crab soup stock.★
    It looks beautiful and is a recommended gem!

    Chief chef of Seikaiso"Special Japanese and Western Kaiseki cuisine with Bungo-beef"
    ―Meal example―
    ·Dish      Assorted seasons
    ·Structure      Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area and local fish sashimi platter※
    ・ Stand     Crab soup stock with cod and red shrimp
    ·Grilled Dish      Bungo-beef grilled on a ceramic plate
    ·Vinegared dish     Mozuku vinegar
    ·Fried food      Oita specialty Toriten and vegetable tempura
    ·Steamed food      Seafood chawanmushi
    ·Stopper      Suimono
    ·Meals      Beppu Bay Jako rice or porridge
    ·sweetness      Kabosu jelly

    ※The content varies according to the season.(The photo is an example of two people)
    ※Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area, if there is a poor catch on the day, we will change it to a fresh fish of the same level.(It is difficult to prepare due to the rising water temperature until the end of September.)
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • Domestic Wagyu beef sukiyaki kaiseki cuisine"hana"

    This is a very popular super-sized dinner plan that mainly uses sukiyaki made with domestic Wagyu beef.

    Of course, besides sukiyaki, there are plenty of party cuisine including appetizers, sashimi, fried foods.
    It is a very popular course regardless of the season.

    The delicious Vegetables from Oita Prefecture from Vegetables from Oita Prefecture steeped in the taste of meat, are also delicious!
    We have plenty of vegetables and Bungo-beef, so please have your stomach full!

    ―Meal example―
    ·Dish      Assorted seasons
    ·Structure      Assorted fresh fish
    ・ Stand     Sukiyaki of domestic Japanese beef
    ·Spare bowl      Raw ham salad
    ·Fried food      Oita specialty Toriten and vegetable tempura
    ·Lidding      Seafood chawanmushi
    ·Stopper      Suimono
    ·Meals      White rice
    ·sweetness      Kabosu jelly

    ※The content varies according to the season.
  • Casual Kaiseki Meal"umi"

    Enjoy a slightly more casual kaiseki meal than regular kaiseki meals.
    Please enjoy relaxing in the restaurant.
    ※The amount of food is small.

    ―Meal example―
    ·Zensai raw ham salad
    ·Assorted fresh fish
    ·Cover seafood chawanmushi
    ・ Table thing Red shrimp and seafood yosenabe
    ·Yakimono Domestic Wagyu beef pottery yakimono
    ·Fried food Oita specialty Toriten
    ·Wan soup
    ·Meal Beppu Bay Jako Rice
    ·Sweet Kabosu Jelly

    ※The content varies according to the season.
  • Breakfast, One case

    Breakfast time(7: 00 to 9: 00)

    Delicious rice from Oita Prefecture is very popular!

    The volume is also firm "Ryokan breakfast", it is Japanese set menu.Start your day with the breakfast at Seikaiso!

    After breakfast, soak in the hot springs again and leave now!

    Please ask staff for replacement of rice and miso soup.

    Breakfast location: It will be a restaurant or hall.

Meal place/Banquet room

  • ■Restaurant "Tenku Kaien"

    Meal while watching the spectacular view of Beppu Bay.

    It is a private room.We will serve you dinner for your stay.(When private room is full, we will offer in the hall)

    Enjoy your meal in an enjoyable conversation and beautiful scenery.

    ※Private rooms have table seats and tatami mats.We will adjust according to the number of people on the day.
  • ■Restaurant "Tenku Kaien"

    It is a private room restaurant in the tatami room.

    Please enjoy meals in private space.
    It's a tatami room, so it's safe even with children!

    ※All tatami mats use antibacterial tatami mats.

    ※Private rooms have table seats and tatami mats.We will adjust according to the number of people on the day.

  • ■Banquet room

    With my colleagues at work.With your friends.We will offer fun time and memorable time.

    We accept banquets for 10 to 25 people.Please contact us for budget etc.

    ※We also accept preparations at Japanese dining for banquets.Call by the day before.