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  2. Efforts for new infection control

Efforts for new infection control

  • About virus sterilization and cleaning
    ■A disinfectant solution is installed in the facility (lobby, dining venue, large communal bath).
    ■Employees regularly clean and clean the shared space in this facility.
    ■The facility is regularly ventilated.
    ■The rooms are cleaned and cleaned.
  • About the bath
    ■A private bath with a view of the sea (1,000 yen/45 minutes) is available at this facility.
    ■Some rooms have a semi-open-air bath.
    ■The large public bath is open 24 hours, so you can use it at your favorite time.
    ■The number of people entering the venue is controlled due to some restrictions such as undressing baskets in the large public bath.
  • About meal
    ■There is a plan have a meal in the morning and evening in a private room.
    ■There is a plan where dinner can be guided in a private room.
    ■We have prepared a plan that you can eat in your room.
  • About employee correspondence
    ■Employees will wear masks and serve customers.
    ■We carry out temperature measurement and disinfection of employees.
    ■We have an acrylic version at the front desk.
    ■We use a coin tray at the time of payment.
  • About check-in
    ■Before check-in, we will measure your body temperature with a non-contact thermometer.
    ■Please present your identity verification documents at check-in.
    ■Please wear a mask when you enter the museum.